How do I teach AWL ?

Every lesson includes three parts:

  1. First of all, learners guess words they ‘ll learn that day. I use pictures, synonyms, types of words so the students can guess words easily. There are some words which  are very difficult for learners so I  show them those words immediately.
  2. The second part is teaching Vocabularies, it’s like while-teaching. I show them three important aspects of word: pronunciation, verb forms(if word is verb), meanings in English and Vietnamese and examples.
  3.  Next I ask them to create 3-5 sentences using the word they learnt before.
  4.  Finally, to make sure that learners remember word I make reviews for them. The reviews can be some questions, small exercises about meanings, or I directly show all aspects of words.

These are 21 links ( 20 videos for 20 vocabularies and 1 video for introduction). if you want to know how to teach, you can take a look.

Product 1:


Product 2:

  1. finite:
  2. equipment:
  3. guarantee:
  4. dynamic:
  5. global:
  6. grade:
  7. file:
  8. global:
  9. extract:
  10. eliminate:
  11. definite:
  12. disposal:
  13. deny:
  14. hierarchical:
  15. innovation:
  16. ideology:
  17. finite:
  18. empirical:
  19. differentiation:
  20. inferred:
  21. foundation:



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